First off, I would like to thank my brother’s web design company for creating this site and putting so much effort into it. Not to mention helping me to understand the site and run it myself.
Also, I would like to thank my mother. She has always been so supportive of me and has helped me through any ‘road block’ that stood in my way. She is my number one fan.
Another person I would like to thank is my dad. He has been there to give me constructive criticism along the way and help me through any problems.
Last but not least I would like to thank Suzanne. She has always been there for me quicker than a blink of the eye to do my makeup and hair. Some of my shoots would not have been possible without her.

Directors and Produces I’ve worked with:

Andrew Havlik
Dan Allen

Photographers I’ve worked with:

Bill Shacklady
Brian Rickey
Brishen Lee
Curt Parker
Greg Maxey
Paul Lucas
Rocker P
Teresa Mathews
Rachel Hanel

Makeup Artists:

Suzanne Morris
Sarah Richards
Allison Elder
Julia Custer
Mistress of Makeup
Carol Wood

Hair Stylists:

Josh Nichols
Suzanne Morris
Allison Elder
Brittany Peebles
Carol Wood

Models I’ve worked with:

Vi Ho
Bill Harp
Whitleigh Brunt
Jilian Delbar
Renee Edwards

Musicians I’ve worked with:

Adero Neely

Experienced model for hire.